Family Access Program: Minerals vs. Mush

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Hello, this is Saem Yang and I’d like to introduce our Sensory Room’s family access program: Minerals vs. Mush!

Family Access Program; Minerals vs. Mush(April 12,2014)3Family Access Program; Minerals vs. Mush(April 12,2014)14







Recently, our Sensory Room had a program called “Family Access Program: Minerals vs. Mush”, which was similar to the art classes in the Totally Tots area. This program consisted of investigating rocks and minerals from the Sensory Snake and shiny specimens from the museum’s collections, and creating a colorful mush to take home. Children first had fun by watching, touching, and weighing rocks and minerals and investigating shiny specimens. After that, every kid joined in making a colorful mush!

For creating a mush, we prepared ingredients such as flour, salt, tar tar powder, warm water, etc. We put them into a bowl step by step. Because this was a family access program, everyone including kids, staff, and parents who were taking photos of children were participants. When making a

Brooklyn Block Lab, Our Amazing New Exhibit!

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Hello, it’s Saem Yang and I’d like to introduce our amazing new exhibit: Brooklyn Block Lab!







The Brooklyn Block Lab, our new exhibit, just opened on April 5, 2014, and it will be open until August 31, 2014. Everyone including kids, adults, and staff comes and has fun building various things by using wood, foam, and magnetic blocks!


Block Lab(Car)2Block Lab(Puppy or sheep)2














I take full advantage of this lab because I really enjoy playing with blocks. I usually build things from the books at the lab and take photos when I complete them. (See the photos above)

I’ve built

Musical & Cultural Performances at Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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Our museum has various musical or cultural performances and interesting special programs every weekend. Because I come to BCM every Saturday, I can both assist and enjoy these special activities.

I’ve enjoyed every program and every performance on the weekend. I especially liked cultural performances such as the Kwanzaa, Chinese Lunar New Year, and Black History Month programs. Because I came from South Korea, which celebrates Lunar New Year, it was very familiar to me. Also, through Kwanzaa and Black History Month programs, I could learn about a different culture.


Celebrate Chinese New Year with Puppetry in Practice (January 25, 2014)

IMG_2676(Cultural Connections-Celebrate Chinese New Year with Puppetry in Practice!)IMG_2687(Cultural Connections-Celebrate Chinese New Year with Puppetry in Practice!)







These photos are from the Chinese Lunar New Year programs. After watching the Chinese Puppetry show, kids enjoyed making their special cards, which we attached together at the end. Also, about 20 children had a chance to wear a special Chinese dragon and go

Let’s throw a Northern Lights Party!

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The Northern Lights Party has been the biggest special event in the Sensory Room since I came to Brooklyn Children’s Museum as an intern from Korea. That’s why we have prepared for a long time. I assisted with all the programs of the party.

Shadow Puppet Craft

Shadow Puppet Craft








We had three kinds of puppets: butterflies, birds, and squirrels. There is a big and heavy press machine in the Coat Check, so we created these three kinds of puppets with the machine and shaped stamps. After first making the puppets, we cut straws in half for the puppets. These were sample puppets. During the party, kids and their families came and created their own puppets by coloring them and taping straws by themselves.

Northern Lights Dance

Northern Lights Dance








We had these ribbon sticks, but they had only one ribbon and they were not so colorful. So, we added some gold colored, shiny ribbons to them. In the Northern Lights Dance program, every

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Meet BCM’s 2014 Gala Honorees!

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The Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s 2014 Gala promises to be a fun and entertaining evening, bringing together leaders in the business, education and philanthropic communities to celebrate BCM’s distinctive role in providing creative learning experiences for kids and families from across our city!  We are thrilled to be awarding two companies and an individual who have demonstrated tremendous commitment to New York’s children and families: Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures, Popular Community Bank, and Martha B. Graham.

BSBF circle logo with tag

Nurturing Families Award:
Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures, A Children’s Oral Health Improvement Program
In 1991, Colgate introduced Bright Smiles, Bright Futures (BSBF), an oral health education and prevention program designed to improve the oral health of under-served children.  BSBF exposes eight million children and families annually to positive oral health education messages and/or provide free dental screenings to children, ages 1-12.  The primary BSBF Goal is to teach children and their families how   to maintain good oral health and prevent dental disease.